Welcome to St Peter's

Walking Bus                                   

Please note Walking Bus has been cancelled for the rest of this term - we will be back on Wednesday 3rd January 2018! 





Welcome to St.Peter's Walking Bus.

In an effort to ease parking problems and congestion outside school, we operate St.Peter's Walking Bus each school day. Each child is counted on and off the Bus using a Register, we walk to school as a group in a crocodile fashion, using a safe route under the supervision of authorised adults and wearing High Visibility Tabards at all times.

The children benefit from travelling to school in a fun and enjoyable environment with their friends whilst learning Road Safety and having excercise.

It's great fun, and our parents don't need to park near the school gates, helping to make it safer outside school.


Consent Form to enrol your child  : Walking Bus Consent Form



The Pavilion, Shrewsbury Road, Edgmond    -    St.Peter's School, Stackyard Lane, Edgmond



8.45am   Departs 

8.50am   Arrives @ School                                       

Drop off at Pavillion from 8.35am

Please note : times may occasionally vary



3.15pm   Register taken     

3.25pm    Departs

3.35pm    Arrives @ The Pavillion for waiting parents

Please collect your child/ren from the Walking Bus member of staff / volunteer

Please note : times may occasionally vary