Welcome to St Peter's

Attendance Information


If your child will not be in school for any reason:

On the first morning of absence please CALL 01952 811692 before 9.15am and give the details to the School Administrator Mrs Barlow. In the event that no-one is available, please leave a message on the answerphone or send an email to office@stpetersedu.co.uk, stating the following: 

  • your name,your child's name, and the name of your child's class teacher
  • why your child will not be in school (illness, medical appointment, etc)
  • indication when your child will be back in school, if you can.

If a child is not in school by 9.30am and the school has not received a message, we will ring to ensure your child is safe.




We believe punctuality is important and that by promoting punctuality, our children benefit, as it promotes : 


  • a good start which leads to good attendance
  • leads to better achievement
  • develops the understanding that school is important and education is to be valued
  • helps our children develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others
  • is self-rewarding, leading to success and self-confidence.


Our school gates open @ 08.30am, doors open at 8.45am and children are expected to be in class no later than 8.55am.

If your child arrives in school after 9.00am they will be marked as late in the register. You are requested to bring your child to the main entrance and sign our late book.

If your child arrives after 9.15am we will ask you bring your child to the office and sign the late book, however, your child will then be marked as having unauthorised absence.

It is important that you bring your child to the office if they are late. We need to know they have arrived and can be accounted for in case of an emergency.



Holidays in Term Time

Holiday taken in term time will not normally be authorised.  In line with DfE and LA guidance, fixed Penalty fines may be issued.

Please use the Absence Request Form from the above drop down menu, or contact the school office for a copy, to request leave in term time.