Welcome to St Peter's

Our School Provision

St Peter's Primary School is committed to ensuring all pupils attain their full potential, in order to ensure that we do this effectively we offer the following provision:


Interventions available within Reception

For fine motor · Teodorescu

 Speaking and listening Social skills group

Sensory Diet




Reception Resources

These resources are available for all of our pupils:

  • Writing slopes
  • Triangular, chunky Pencils and pencil grips
  • Different types of scissors
  • Handled rulers
  • Wobble cushions
  • Outdoor learning
  • Role-play area
  • Gross and fine motor skills equipment
  • Additional ICT resources such as larger, simplified keyboards 
  • Numicon

Key Stage One & Two Interventions

Our SENDCo, Mrs Tommy works with all staff to identify concerns and support the development of strategies to enable our pupils to make progress. These interventions may take place in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. If parents have a concern they are encouraged to share this with their child's classteacher.


 Please click here to view our Key Stage One Provision


Please click here to view our Key Stage Two Provision