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Our Governing Body

Mrs Claire Medhurst - Headteacher Governor - Ex-Officio                                                               2020 to date

"I have lived in Telford for 20 years and taught in a range of different schools, educating children from a wide range of backgrounds. I have two children of my own who are now 22 and 15 and I know how important it is to ensure that every child gets the best possible start in life, both academically and pastorally. St. Peter’s is a happy and successful school and I aim to maintain and build on the already excellent foundations that are in place here. I believe that having strong, positive, caring relationships both in school and with the wider school community is key to ensuring that children flourish and achieve their full potential in life."

Mrs Ruth MacMullen - Co-opted Governor -  Chair of Governors                                                           2020 to 2024

"I have enjoyed the privilege of being a parent governor at St Peter’s for the last 4 years and I am very pleased and proud to have been invited back on to the Governing body.  Over my time as governor I have taken part in a number of duties as directed by the governing body as a whole and also from Telford and Wrekin. These include training in safer recruitment, Taking the Chair and safe guarding. Although our school is outstanding and provides a wonderful, nurturing environment for our children, there are always things to improve on and the opportunity to learn from others is invaluable. While acting as a critical friend to the Headteacher and school leadership team, I feel able to challenge and support them in providing the best education for the children. As parents of two girls, one who has just moved into Y8 and one in Y6, we have enjoyed seeing and being part of their school life as they’ve moved through St Peter’s. Their resilience, kindness and enthusiasm for learning has come from the support, and sometimes discipline, of the teaching staff. I hope that, as a governor, I can continue to promote and support this ethos."

Reverend Prebendary Helen Morby - Foundation Governor - Rector, Ex Officio                           2018 to date

"I have been a Foundation Governor since 2004 in schools in Halton, Knowsley, Shropshire and currently Foundation Governor at Tibberton St Lawrence and St. Peter’s, Edgmond. I have also taken the role of Chair of Governors and from this have a good understanding of the supportive role of governors at the same time as ensuring the best is provided for all within the school community.  As a Foundation Governor I have particular responsibility to ensure the distinctive nature of being a Church of England School is lived out within the school. I believe passionately in church schools and especially in small rural schools, which I am privileged to serve as Rector."

Miss Gayle Hickman - Deputy Headteacher, Staff Governor                                                              2019 to 2023

"I have been a KS2 teacher at St. Peter’s Primary for 10 years; I have valuable experience as a Class Teacher, and have been Deputy Head Teacher for 4 years.  I have a good knowledge of Primary curriculum and assessment processes and requirements.  In my capacity as Deputy Head I have gained an understanding of the day to day running and strategic planning of the school.  As Teacher, Deputy Head and Governor, I take a keen interest and am actively involved in the implementation of new ideas, development and staff liaison to enhance the vision of our school."

Ms Catriona Athersmith - Associate Governor                                                                                    2019 to 2023

"I have worked at St. Peter’s for just over 6 years; I have a young son who now also attends this school.  My key role as Administrator and experience in the classroom as TA have both given me a good understanding of all aspects of school life.  I have a passion for the school and the children and when the opportunity arose to join the Governors I was keen to offer a level of commitment that goes further than my day to day role.  I believe my experience and skills in administration, logistics and office management enable me to give additional support to the governing body at St. Peter’s."

Mr Gareth Lambe - Co-Opted Governor                                                                                                 2020 to 2024

"I have been involved in Education for many years and have been on the board of Governors at St. Peter’s since 1997. I have taken on a variety of roles in my time as Governor. I support the community in different areas and am happy to contribute where I can at St. Peter’s. In my capacity as Co-Opted Governor I take a particular interest in the areas of Pupil Progress, Data, Finance and Standards."

Stephen Burrell - Authority Governor                                                                                                     2014 to 2022

"My family and I run a community based care business which employs over 70 people in Telford and Wrekin and provides for the most vulnerable adults in our community.

I stood as Conservative elected member, in 2007, to prove that a local councilor can make a difference.  It was and is my belief that our local councilor can be effective.  It is these same beliefs that made me want to join the board of Governors of St. Peter’s, where I feel I can continue to make a difference."

Mrs Kate Chadwick - Parent Governor                                                                                                     2019 to 2023

"I have children currently in the school in years 4 and 1. As a Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy at Birmingham City University I have a teaching qualification and as a Governor I am committed to ensuring a safe, fun and engaging learning environment is provided for all, regardless of ability.   I believe resilience should be promoted at primary level so that children can begin from a very early age to see set-backs as a positive learning experience, rather than a failure, and to embrace their own individuality and areas of strength. I have personal experience of SEND through one of my daughters and I am passionate about inclusivity, as the benefits to both children with disabilities and those without are so far reaching. I have supported the school over the last 7 years through a variety of roles including as the PTFA chairperson, as a walking bus helper and assisting with school excursions and activities including reading with the children, all of which have been incredibly rewarding and inspiring."

Mrs Jane Norton - Foundation Governor                                                                                                   2017 to 2021

 "I have lived in Edgmond for over 50 years and am closely involved with the local community. My three children attended St. Peter’s School and now my granddaughter is a pupil here. I am a committed Christian and attend St. Peter’s Church regularly. I am a member of the Parochial Church Council and am actively involved with the children’s Messy Church. As a Foundation Governor, I will be a link between the school and the church. The school’s Christian principles, which are at its heart and are so influential in the development of children, are vitally important, and I will do my utmost to maintain them in whatever way I can."

Mrs Sarah Furniss – Parent Governor                                                                                                         2021 to 2025

"My association with St Peters School began in 2017 when my eldest daughter started school. Being a parent with daughters in year 3 and year 1, I have been delighted with how their education has developed through care and nurturing of their individual interests at the school, giving them confidence and the skills to learn.  

My professional background is finance related; I am a chartered accountant and self-professed numbers geek. I work locally at Harper Adams University as Resources & Financial Planning Manager, a very varied role that I have been doing for several years.   I hope my finance and governance experience can be of benefit to my role as governor, along with my passion for ensuring that we can offer an environment where children are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential."