Welcome to St Peter's

Our Governing Body

Mrs Caroline Hawkins - Staff Governor - Head Teacher, Ex-Officio                                                         2006 to date

"I am honoured to be the Head Teacher of St. Peter’s CofE Primary School , the pupils are the most amazing, kind and caring children I have ever met.  The staff, parents and Governing Body are so dedicated and supportive - the school feels like a family!    I believe that education is a vital part of a child’s journey through life, and it is our responsibility as educators to inspire them to succeed and be the best they can be – in all they do."

Mr Mark Bellamy - Parent Governor -  Chair of Governors                                                                        2015-2018 

“I have two children at St. Peter’s and take a keen interest in the school, so I volunteered as a Parent Governor in 2015.  In my professional capacity as a police officer I understand the benefits of a secure, nurturing environment and therefore my focus as Governor is on Safeguarding and I believe I have the skills and experience required to support the school and the board of governors in this area.”

Reverend Helen Morby - Foundation Governor - Rector, Ex Officio                                                        2018-to date

"I first became a Governor when I moved to my previous group of parishes in 1982 which had two small Church Schools in them. This was a time of great change in the educational world. When I moved as Rector to Edgmond, Kynnersley and Preston, I became Governor of St. Peter’s School, Edgmond, and St Lawrence’s, Preston. And then when I was also appointed in 2002 Priest-in Charge of Tibberton, Waters Upton and Great Bolas, I also became Governor of All Saints’, Tibberton. And at various points I have been Chairman of all three schools. I believe passionately in church schools and especially in small rural schools, which I am privileged to serve as rector."

Miss Gayle Hickman - Deputy Headteacher, Staff Governor                                                                      2019-2023

"I have been a KS2 teacher at St. Peter’s Primary for 9 years; I have valuable experience as a Class Teacher, and have been Deputy Head Teacher for 3 of those 9 years.  I have a good knowledge of Primary curriculum and assessment processes and requirements.  In my capacity as Deputy Head I have gained an understanding of the day to day running and strategic planning of the school.  As Teacher, Deputy Head and Governor, I take a keen interest and am actively involved in the implementation of new ideas, development and staff liaison to enhance the vision of our school."

Ms Catriona Athersmith - Associate Governor                                                                                            2019-2023

"I have worked at St. Peter’s for just over 6 years; I have a young son who now also attends this school.  My key role as Administrator and experience in the classroom as TA have both given me a good understanding of all aspects of school life.  I have a passion for the school and the children and when the opportunity arose to join the Governors I was keen to offer a level of commitment that goes further than my day to day role.  I believe my experience and skills in administration, logistics and office management enable me to give additional support to the governing body at St. Peter’s."

Mrs Virginia Johnson - Co-Opted Governor                                                                                                2016-2020

“I retired from my role as school administrator in October 2015 after 30 years, and was on the board of governors for 15 years during that time.  I decided I would like to maintain my involvement in the school as Co-Opted Governor.  I am very happy to be able to offer my support and experience, working with the school focusing in particular in the areas of Safeguarding and SEND.”

Mr Gareth Lambe - Co-Opted Governor                                                                                                      2016-2020

"I have been involved in Education for many years and have been on the board of Governors at St. Peter’s for a number of those years.  I support the community in different areas and am happy to contribute where I can at St. Peter’s.  In my capacity as Co-Opted Governor I take a particular interest in the areas of Pupil Progress, Data, Finance and Standards."

Stephen Burrell - Authority Governor                                                                                                       2014-2022

"My family and I run a community based care business which employs over 70 people in Telford and Wrekin and provides for the most vulnerable adults in our community.

I stood as Conservative elected member, in 2007, to prove that a local councilor can make a difference.  It was and is my belief that our local councilor can be effective.  It is these same beliefs that made me want to join the board of Governors of St. Peter’s, where I feel I can continue to make a difference."

Ruth MacMullen - Parent Governor- Co- Chair of Governors                                                                2015-2020

"I am a parent of 2 girls in years 1&3 and am keen to involve myself in school life by being on the governing body.  As a parent governor at our previous school, I gained valuable experience contributing with recruitment and learning walks, and also as governor champion for ECO, PE and SEND.  I believe my professional experience gained working for the NHS and running a sports club, will translate well into this role, bringing fresh views and enthusiasm to the governing body."

Jane Norton - Foundation Governor                                                                                                            2017 - 2021

        "I have lived in Edgmond for nearly 50 years.  My three children attended St. Peter's School and now my granddaughter is a pupil here.  

I am a committed Christian and attend St. Peter's Church regularly.  I am a member of the PCC and am actively involved with the Children's Workshops in church.  As a Foundation Governor, I will be a link between the school and the church.  The school's Christian principles, which are at its heart and are so influential in the development of our children are vitally important and I will do my utmost to help to maintain them and support the school in whatever way I can."