St Peter's Primary School


At St Peter's Primary school we are committed to educating our children to the highest possible standards. The Christian principles which we uphold are central to the moral development and well being of each child.


We will enable the children to listen to God’s word and understand how he wants us to be, allowing them to act and live with a clear knowledge and understanding of the world.


We will encourage and nurture the children in our care to become self-motivated, respectful and respected members of society. They will be given the confidence and self assurance to meet their full potential in every aspect of life and enjoy the creativity that such self awareness can bring.


We will ensure that the children are given the opportunity to develop an awareness of the wonderful diversity of culture and religion that surrounds them.

In this ever changing world, we will teach the need for compassion, understanding and tolerance in all aspects of life.



The shared aim is to provide an outstanding education for children of all abilities. Every opportunity is offered to inspire children in their learning. We want every child to exceed expectations and actively encourage close co-operation between home and school.