Welcome to St Peter's




3.15-4.15 Relaxation Classes 

  3.15-4.15 Tennis YR-6  (Inspire to coach)
7.45-8.30 Gymnastics YR-6 (Premier Sports) 12-12.30 Spanish YR-1 

 3.15-4.30 Running Club YR 1-6 (Double Touch)

3.15-4.15 Chess YR 3-6

 7.45-8.30 Dance Club YR 2-6 12.15-12.45 Spanish YR 2-3

3.20-4.00 Spanish YR 4-6

3.15-4.30 Football YR 1-3 (Double Touch)

3.15-4.15 Craft Club YR 2-6




 3.15-4.30 Football YR 4-6 (Double Touch)

3.15-4.15 Art Club YR 3-6 (Mr Farlow)


 3.15-4.15 Multi Sports YR-6 (Premier Sports)

3.15-4.30 LEGO Club 

Music Lessons are offered throughout the week 

TELFORD SCHOOL OF MUSIC-  Piano, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Singing

JENNY BILL - Woodwind



From JANUARY 2019 there will be three additional clubs:

KS2 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS run by Imaging Partnership Education . Duration 6 weeks. Cost £30 per child. Places limited.  Start Date Tuesday 9th  January 2019


MAGICAL MATHS Start date Tuesday 9th January 2019- further details to follow.


YR2-6 MINI MEDICS Duration 5 weeks. Cost £15 per child. Start date 8th March 2019


Please contact school for further details: office@stpetersedu.co.uk